Here at  L'Ecole de Langues de Mazamet ,we offer French and English training courses at weekends, evenings or during the day, to suit individual and business needs.


If you are not resident in the area we provide accommodation locally at very reasonable rates.

Our native French and English speaking staff will help you select the course most appropriate to your current skills and knowledge and confirm this through a short test, where appropriate.

We offer training in French and English in classes from 6 to 10 people. We have chosen to limit the numbers in each class to ensure that all our clients receive individual attention and support to succeed at each level.

Based on our past experience, we believe that this is best achieved by having available two trainers in each session where appropriate.

Our classes are totally interactive and, using modern technology and teaching methods, we quickly develop student interaction and involvement in our programmes in a positive yet relaxed learning environment.

Your success is our success! All our students receive an end of course certificate, confirming the standard achieved.

For those contemplating a move to or are newly arrived in France we provide courses which help you understand life in France and the things that you need to do when you arrive.

We can also give you a helping hand when it comes to settling in by offering a bespoke service, based on your needs, which gives you the help and advice you need to settle in as quickly as possible.